Game 25 (M): 09:30, 4A KAZAKHSTAN 8 4B CHINA 7

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Semifinal 13-16

Quarters: 2-2, 3-2, 2-0, 1-3


Extra Man: KAZ: 5/12. CHN: 5/10

KAZAKHSTAN: Alexandr SHVEDOV, Sergey GUBAREV, Murat SHAKENOV (1), Roman PILIPENKO (2), Alexey PANFILI (2), Alexandr FENOCHKO, Alexandr AXENOV (1), Rustam UKUMANOV, Evgeniy ZHILYAVEV (1), Mikhail RUDAY (1), Ravil MANAFOV, Nikita KOKORIN, Alexey DEMCHENKO. Head Coach: Sergey DROZDOV.
CHINA: GE Weiqing, TAN Feihu (1), LIANG Zhongxing (2), YU Lijun, GUO Junliang, PAN Ning (1), LI Bin, WANG Yang, XIE Junmin (2), LI Li, ZHANG Zhufeng (1), DONG Tianyi, WU Honghui. Coach: CAI Tianxiong.

In a rematch of last year’s Asian Games gold-medal final, Kazakhstan beat China. Last year it was more convincing for the Kazakhs despite the 7-6 win with their style and strength. This time around China had posted some remarkable quarters of play against the stronger teams on the planet. Against Kazakhstan, despite leading 2-0, China was not allowed to dominate like it did in the first halves against Australia and Romania. Kazakhstan drew level through two PILIPENKO goals and two PANFILI goals in the early part of the second quarter had the Kazakhs on track. With a 5-4 lead, Romania was comfortable. A shutout in the third proved China’s downfall with SHAKENOV scoring a flick-in of a rebound on the two-metre line and RUDAY banging in a classic centre-forward goal. LIANG opened the fourth on extra but AXENOV replied. China took a timeout at 2:22 and it resulted in firstly TAN converting extra with a blast from the top and XIE creaming a goal off the near post on extra at 1:01. Kazakhstan controlled the last part of the game, using up time, even on extra. China regained for seven seconds but two things happened. Goalkeeper GE was slow to make the pass and the slowly breaking YU on the right seemed to forget about the game and did not offer a shot as the buzzer sounded.