Game 26 (W): 10:50, 4C BRAZIL 10 4D SOUTH AFRICA 9

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Semifinal 13-16

Quarters: 3-1, 3-1, 2-2, 2-4


Extra Man: BRA: 4/9. RSA: 2/8

Pens: RSA: 4/4

BRAZIL: Tess OLIVEIRA, Cecilia CANETTI (1), Marina ZABLITH, Marina CANETTI (1), Marella COUTINHO (1), Izabella CHIAPPINI (1), Cristina BEER (1), Luiza CARVALHO (2), Fernanda LISSONI, Gabriela GOZANI (1), Maria Barbara AMARO, Gabriela DIAS (1), Manuela CANETTI. Head Coach: Roberto CHIAPPINI.
SOUTH AFRICA: Leigh MAARSCHALK, Kimberly SCHMIDT (1), Kimberly KAY (1), Shelley FAULMANN, Megan SCHOOLING, Laura BARRETT, Christine BARRETTO, Lee Anne KEET (1), Delaine CHRISTIAN, Sarah HARRIS (4), Nicolette POULOS, Kelsey WHITE (2), Jemma DENDY YOUNG. Head Coach: Brad ROWE.

The excitement continued in the women’s competition. Even though these two teams were playing for the right to finish 13th, the pressure was on from the start and remained until the final seconds. The pressure went through the gauge in the dying seconds and, unfairly, it stood heavily on the shoulders of star HARRIS for the South Africans. The final few minutes is where it all happened after Brazil controlled the first two quarters and squared the third. The South Africans were coming back and KAY and KEET scored off counter and from the two-metre line to be just 8-5 behind at the final break. SCHMIDT and HARRIS continued the run at the start of the fourth and South Africa was a viable contender for victory at 8-7. HARRIS, so much a playmaker for the African team, scored her third goal and second on penalty. BEER stopped the rout for 10-7 with a shot from the top at 6:03. HARRIS drilled another penalty at 5:49 and at 10-8 the game was still hot. South Africa took two timeouts with the second successful, WHITE putting the ball into the top right for 10-9. The game was hotter than hot. South Africa went on counter with two on one but the South African was dragged back just outside the five-metre line. If the referee had allowed the foul to pass into the penalty zone it could have been different. The Brazilian was ejected but the referee allowed the ball to be played three metres forward of the foul and the pass failed to bring a shot and the ball stolen. Brazil called a timeout at 0:19 and started playing the ball around to waste time. HARRIS stayed at the five-metre line unmarked. A South African stole the ball, fired it north to HARRIS, who calmly set herself, watched the defender frantically homing in on her, shot the ball, beat the goalkeeper and the ball hit the crossbar! If it had gone in, the game would have gone to extra time but it was not to be and Brazil advanced to the classification match 13-14. Sadly for South Africa, such a valiantly team, it means a play-off with Uzbekistan on Monday. HARRIS may be lamenting the loss but her efforts have taken her to 11 goals for the week, the highest to this stage.