Game 25 (W): 09:30, 4A KAZAKHSTAN 14 4B UZBEKISTAN 13

Semifinal 13-16

Quarters: 4-2, 2-4, 4-2, 4-5

Referees: Osvaldo GONZALEZ (PUR), Gyorgy JUHASZ (HUN)

Extra Man: KAZ 4/12. UZB: 2/9

Pens: KAZ: 0/1. UZB: 3/3

KAZAKHSTAN: Galina RYTOVA, Lyudmila CHEGODAYEVA, Aizhan AKILBAYEVA (1), Anna TUROVA (2), Kamila ZAKIROVA (1), Kamila MARINA, Natalya ALEXANDROVA (1), Darya VASSILYEVA (4), Agata TNASHEVA (1), Marina GRITSENKO (1), Yelena CHEBOTOVA (2), Assem MUSSAROVA (1), Yelena STARODUBTSEVA. Head Coach: Ryan CASTLE.
UZBEKISTAN: Elena DUKHANOVA, Daiana DADABAEVA, Aleksandra SARANCHA, Eseniya PIFTOR, Evgeniya IVANOVA (1), Liliya UMAROVA, Natalya PLYUSOVA (3), Anna SHEGLOVA (1), Ramilya HALIKOVA (8), Ekaterina MOROZOVA, Anastasiya OSIPENKO, Anna PLYUSOVA, Guzelya HAMITOVA. Head Coach: Akbar SADIKOV.

Remember the name HALIKOVA — Ramilya HALIKOVA.  The 25-year-old came into this match as the equal highest scorer on her team but with just three goals, one from penalty. She left with a tournament tally of 11, emulating the feat of Friday’s final game when Romania’s Cosmin RADU also scored eight. They are the tournament’s highest goal-scorers in a single game. HALIKOVA was fearless in the face of a stronger Kazakhstan outfit and it was rewarded. Once she took a cross-pass at six metres and scored off the hand while heavily guarded. She counter-attacked, scored three penalty goals, scored from the left and from the right. But her most audacious goal, proving she was near infallible, was at the close of quarter time. Kazakhstan went to a 3-0 lead after six minutes of effort. This became 4-1 when CHEBOTOVA claimed a second goal two seconds from time. Uzbekistan had the restart, fired it back to HALIKOVA, who quickly laid back and launched the shot skyward. As the buzzer sounded the ball started its downward trajectory, slipping over the head of the goalkeeper and into goal! That was the start of her incredible scoring run. Her six-metre goal on extra earned the 6-6 equaliser just before halftime. Her penalty at the top of the third took her side ahead. But after a timeout, Kazakhstan laid its own plan, forget about HALIKOVA and pummel the defence. Four consecutive goals lifted Kazakhstan to 10-7. A minute into the last period it was 11-9but Kazakhstan looked seemingly safe at 13-9 by 5:49. Natalya PLYUSOVA scored her third on extra and HALIKOVA scored on counter with enough time to knit a jersey. VASSILYEVA sent her penalty shot into the right post but regathered and score for 14-11 at 0:49. The game was won. However, not in the minds of the Uzbeks, or that girl called HALIKOVA. CHEGODAYEVA entered illegally and HALIKOVA nailed the penalty at 0:44. Then when all was done, HALIKOVA signed off with her eighth goal from the right a second from time.