Game 24 (M): 21:00, Group B, ROMANIA 14 CHINA 10

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 2-3, 3-3, 5-0, 4-4

Referees:  Steven ROTSART (USA), Marie-Claude DESLIERES (CAN)

Extra Man: ROU: 2/10. CHN: 5/17

Pens: ROU: 1/1. CHN: 1/1

ROMANIA: Dragos STOENESCU, Cosmin RADU (8), Tiberiu NEGREAN, Nicolae DIACONU (1), Andrei IOSEP, Andrei BUSILA, Mihnea CHIOVEANU, Alexandru MATEI (3), Dimitri GOANTA, Ramiro GEORGESCU, Alexandru GHIBAN (1), Kalman KADAR, Mihai DRAGUSIN. Head Coach: Istvan KOVACS.
CHINA: GE Weiqing, TAN Feihu (2), LIANG Zhongxing (1), YU Lijun, GUO Junliang, PAN Ning (3), LI Bin (1), WANG Yang, XIE Junmin, LI Li (1), ZHANG Zhufeng, DONG Tianyi (2), WU Honghui. Coach: CAI Tianxiong.

Once again China could not continue a first-half dominance of a team until the final whistle. As against Australia it squandered a useful lead. But the RADU phenomenon kicked in as the powerful centre forward produced one of the most outstanding displays of the week with eight goals from nine attempts. He scored one in the first, two ain the second, three in the third and one in the fourth. DONG scored twice in the second as China maintained the wrath for a 6-5 lead at halftime. LIANG converted a penalty goal to regain the lead. The damage was done when three-goal RADU led his team to a shutout in the third, something China could not rebound from. The fourth period, with RADU relatively silent in comparison, saw China level with TAN scoring the last two Chinese goals , the first on extra and the second from the five-metre line. MATEI closed the match with a goal in the last second, sending China to the group 13-16.