Game 22 (M): 18:20, Group A, KAZAKHSTAN 5 MONTENEGRO 16

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 2-5, 0-5, 0-2, 3-4

Referees: Radoslaw KORYZNA (POL), Osvaldo GONZALEZ (PUR)

Extra Man: KAZ: 1/9. MNE: 3/9

KAZAKHSTAN: Alexandr SHVEDOV, Sergey GUBAREV (2), Murat SHAKENOV, Roman PILIPENKO, Alexey PANFILI, Alexandr FENOCHKO, Alexandr AXENOV, Rustam UKUMANOV, Evgeniy ZHILYAVEV (3), Mikhail RUDAY, Ravil MANAFOV, Nikita KOKORIN, Alexey DEMCHENKO. Head Coach: Sergey DROZDOV.
MONTENEGRO: Denis SEFIK, Drasko BRGULJAN (2), Aleksandar RADOVIC (4), Damjan DANILOVIC (1), Nikola VUKCEVIC (1), Milan TICIC (1), Filip KLIKOVAC (2), Nikola JANOVIC (1), Aleksandar IVOVIC (1), Darko BRGULJAN (2), Antonio PETROVIC (1), Predrag JOKIC, Milos SCEPANOVIC. Coach: Petar POROBIC.

Montenegro finished second in the group with a workmanlike effort over the Kazakhs. At 5-2 ahead after the first period, it looked like Montenegro was going to have to work but with superior defence and a desire up front, Montenegro kept Kazakhstan scoreless until the final break and had a 12-2 lead. RADOVIC scored twice on extra at the end of the first half and scored again in the third but that period, while fruitless for Kazakhstan, yielded just two goals to the Montenegrins. In fact, RADOVIC’s goal came at 5:46 and no goal came after that. The goal of the match came from KLIKOVAC at centre forward, With four players smothering him, he turned, set and thundered the ball into goal for 13-2 to start the final quarter. RADOVIC scored his fourth to get to 14-2 before Kazakhstan staged a mini revival with GUBAREV using his left arm to good effect twice and captain ZHILYAYEV adding another to the two he collected in the first quarter. Kazakhstan goes to the last-four competition.