Game 20 (M): 13:30, Group D, ITALY 7 GERMANY 6

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 2-3, 1-2, 2-1, 2-0

Referees: Sergio BORRELL (ESP), Georgios STAVRIDIS (GRE)

Extra Man: ITA: 3/9. GER: 2/6

ITALY: Stefano TEMPESTI, Amaurys PEREZ, Niccolò GITTO (1), Pietro FIGLIOLI (1), Alex GIORGETTI, Maurizio FELUGO (1), Niccoloi FIGARI, Valentino GALLO, Christian PRESCIUTTI, Deni FIORENTINI (1), Matteo AICARDI (3), Arnaldo DESERTI, Giacomo PASTORINO. Coach: Alessandro CAMPAGNA.
GERMANY: Alexander TCHIGIR, Florian NAROSKA, Fabian SCHROEDTER, Julian REAL (2), Marko STAMM, Marc POLITZE (2), Erik BUKOWSKI, Paul SCHUELER (1), Tobias KREUZMANN, Moritz OELER (1), Andreas SCHLOTTERBECK, Dennis EIDNER, Roger KONG. Head Coach: Hagen STAMM.

Group D supremacy came down to this game and the huge crowd, with a little German bias, went crazy throughout the match. But there could be only one group winner and Italy emerged victor after trailing for much of the match. Goals were swapped in the opening quarter over six minutes and the score was 2-2. POLITZE gave his team the edge with his second goal to go into the second quarter with optimism. That optimism was rewarded when REAL scored his first goal of the tournament from the top right, threading the ball between two players and sliding the ball under the left arm of TEMPESTI. This goal took more than six minutes coming after both teams hit the wood or sprayed shots. AICARDI replied with his second when he accepted a cross pass on the two-metre line when on extra at 0:37. OELER brought up his tenth goal of the tournament with a shot on extra from the point position, finding the top right of the goal with five seconds to halftime. FELUGO and REAL traded goals early in the third period, the former on extra and the latter from eight metres. FIORENTINI ended four minutes with no goals when he converted extra with a shot from deep left after a pass from behind him for 5-6. AICARDI nearly scored from two metres but the ball bounced off the shoulder of keeper KONG, who came into the game after halftime. Germany regained and immediately earned extra at the far end and took a timeout at 0:10. The play was for POLITZE to shoot from the top but he ball went bottom right and TEMPESTI stopped. Italy was back in the game. FELUGO found the body of KONG when Italy was three on one at the start of the fourth period. The other two were quickly defended and FELUGO was left deep right. Germany didn’t have a serious shot at goal in the period (outside lob at end of possession earlier) until on extra at 3:30. Italy countered and AICARDI made it three for the match and fifth for the tournament from deep right at 3:14 for 6-6. GITTO sent in a screamer off a cross pass from six metres at 2:18 for the lead, the first time since the first quarter.  Germany had an extra-man chance blockaded, and Italy lost the ball leaving Germany on attack just in the last minute. Germany had the last full attack after a rebound but dropped the ball to the hole man short and Italy swam away with the game — an almost unlikely win.