Game 17 (M): 09:30, Group C, BRAZIL 9 CANADA 13

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 1-2, 1-4, 3-4, 4-3

Referees: Mario BRGULJAN (MNE). Daniel FLAHIVE (AUS)

Extra Man: BRA 2/8. CAN: 5/15

Pens: BRA: 2/3. CAN: 2/2

BRAZIL: Marcelo CHAGAS, Emilio VIERIA, Henrique MIRANDA, Bernardo GOMES (1), Marcelo FRANCO (1), Gustavo GUIMARAES (3), Jonas CRIVELLA (1), Felipe SILVA, Bernardo ROCHO (2), Ruda FRANCO, Joao Felipe COELHO, Danilo CORREA (1), Vincius ANTONELLI. Head Coach: Goran SABLIC.
CANADA: Robin RANDALL, Constantine KUDABA, Omar TOUNI (1), Nicolas CONSTANTIN (3), Justin BOYD (2), Scott ROBINSON (1), John CONWAY, Kevin GRAHAM, Devon DIGGLE (5), Dusko DAKIC, Oliver VIKALO, Jared McELROY (1), Dusan ALEKSIC. Coach: Dragan JOVANOVIC.

Canada, as expected, surged through to second place in the group, always playing from the front. Slowly it built a lead and only looked a trifle suspect at the top of the fourth quarter when it squandered an extra man and gave up a goal at the other end for Brazil to come within four. If that was the only fault then so be it. Canada’s superior outside shooting told heavily with shots coming at will from the bigger men with the stronger arms. Brazil kept fighting solidly and was determined to upset Canada at every opportunity. One such occasion and referee BRGULJAN jumped on the offender — Ruda FRANCO — who appeared on the poolside replay screen to move the palm of his hand quickly into the face of the person who won the swim-off at the start of the second half. The red card was shown and FRANCO was in disbelief. However, as he marched from the pool deck the replay clearly showed the offence. DIGGLE scored in every quarter for his five goals, two coming on extra and the last from the penalty line in the last two minutes as three were called. Brazil had its first shot blocked and the second successful to close the game at 13-9 with seven seconds left. RANDALL went low and smothered GUIMARAES’ attempt at 1:11, the only blot on the Brazilian’s copybook as he topped his team with three goals. Brazil’s 4-3 win in the final quarter was just too late.