Game 23 (W): 19:40, Group B, NEW ZEALAND 4 CANADA 11

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 2-3, 1-4, 1-2, 0-2

Referees: Sergei NAUMOV (RUS), Adrian ALEXANDRESCU (ROU)

Extra Man: NZL: 2/6. CAN: 2/3

Pen: CAN: 2/2

NEW ZEALAND: Carina HARACHE, Emily COX, Kelly MASON, Danielle LEWIS, Amy LOGAN, Alexandra BOYD, Ashley SMALLFIELD, Lauren SIEPRATH (1), Johanna THEELEN (1), Casie BOWRY (1), Kirsten HUDSON (1), Alexandra MYLES, Brooke MILLAR. Head Coach: Eelco URI.
CANADA: Rachel RIDDELL, Krystina ALOGBO (2), Katrina MONTON, Emily CSIKOS (5), Joelle BEKHAZI (1), Whitney GENOWAY, Stephanie VALIN, Dominique PERREAULT (1), Monika EGGENS (1), Christine ROBINSON, Tara CAMPBELL (1), Marina RADU, Marissa JANSSENS. Head Coach: Pat OATEN.

Canada wrapped up Group B with a third successive win and earns a direct shot at the quarter-finals. It was not without its difficulties as New Zealand fought hard and went to the quarter break just one goal adrift. The experience of the Canadians shone through in the second period but the Kiwis kept the second half to 4-1 in Canada’s favour. CSIKOS scored two penalty goals in her tally of five to give her eight for the week. Her first penalty came at the end of the first quarter and this led to a three-goal burst in the second quarter that had Canada 6-2 ahead. HUDSON pulled one back but EGGENS drilled one for 7-3 late in the half. CSIKOS jumped the score to 8-3 on penalty 12 seconds into the second half. THEELAN disrupted the flow and PERREAULT responded late with the left arm. New Zealand worked tirelessly in the face of the Canadians and restricted them to two goals, the last of which came from captain ALOGBO, her second from close to goal. New Zealand tried a timeout ploy but it failed to connect with the net. RIDDELL made it hard for the Kiwis, stopping 11 shots.