Game 22 (W): 18:20, Group B, AUSTRALIA 27 UZBEKISTAN 2

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 3-1, 9-0, 6-1, 9-0

Referees: Ursula WENGENROTH (SUI), Osvaldo GONZALEZ (PUR)

Extra Man: AUS: 4/6. UZB: 1/4

AUSTRALIA: Alicia McCORMACK, Gemma BEADSWORTH (4), Sophie SMITH (2), Rebecca RIPPON (3), Jane MORAN (1), Bronwen KNOX (3), Rowena WEBSTER (4), Kate GYNTHER (3), Glencora RALPH (1), Holly LINCOLN-SMITH (2), Melissa RIPPON (2), Nicola ZAGAME (2), Victoria BROWN. Head Coach: Greg McFADDEN.
UZBEKISTAN: Elena DUKHANOVA, Daiana DADABAEVA, Aleksandra SARANCHA (1), Eseniya PIFTOR, Evgeniya IVANOVA, Liliya UMAROVA, Natalya PLYUSOVA (1), Anna SHEGLOVA, Ramilya HALIKOVA, Ekaterina MOROZOVA, Anastasiya OSIPENKO, Anna PLYUSOVA, Guzelya HAMITOVA. Head Coach: Akbar SADIKOV.

Australia needed to play a solid game against Uzbekistan after some lacklustre performances. This proved unfortunate for Uzbekistan, playing one of the teams that has filled a podium spot at many of the major events in the past five or six years. It was also a chance for Aussie Stingers head coach McFADDEN to work his bench and his plays. The one thing the Stingers don’t have is second-string players.  They are all topliners and this hurt Uzbekistan as every field player in the Stingers team scored goals. Counter-attack was utilised a lot and the Stingers threw in nine lob shots. Uzbekistan moves to the round of 13-16 and will play Kazakhstan in the crossover. Australia finished second in the group behind Canada and will play Hungary in the second round.