Game 20 (W): 13:30, Group A, NETHERLANDS 9 HUNGARY 9

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 3-1, 0-0, 3-3, 3-5

Referees: Massimiliano CAPUTI (ITA), Cory WILLIAMS (NZL)

Extra Man: NED: 4/9. HUN: 1/7

NETHERLANDS: Ilse VAN DER MEIJDEN, Yasemin SMIT, Frederike CABOUT (4), Biurakn HAKHVERDIAN (1), Catharina VAN DER SLOOT, Nomi STOMPHORST, Iefke VAN BELKUM (4), Robbin REMERS, Jantien CABOUT, Nienke VERMEER, Lieke KLAASSEN, Simone KOOT, Anne HEINIS. Head Coach: Mauro MAUGERI.
HUNGARY: Orsolya KASO, Dora CZIGANY, Dora ANTAL, Anna ILLES, Gabriella SZUCS, (2) Orsolya TAKACS, Rita DRAVUCZ (1), Rita KESZTHELYI (2), Ildiko TOTH (1), Barbara BUJKA (3), Rita KOSZPOLI, Kata MENCZINGER, Edina GANGL. Head Coach: Andreas MERESZ.

Five goals in the final quarter were only enough for Hungary to draw its final round match with the Olympic champion Dutch. However, it was one goal short of what was needed as the wily Dutch managed to stay ahead for much of the game. The Netherlands will finish in the top two after its second draw (7-7 with the USA in Game 1) while Hungary takes third and probably a clash with world No 3 Australia in the second round. The Dutch deserved to win after a 3-1 first quarter and the first shutout period of the tournament when nothing of substance eventuated in the second quarter. The Netherlands went to 4-1 before BUJKA and TOTH brought the game to 4-3. Frederike “Mieke” CABOUT proved why she is an Olympic champion scoring two in a row with the first a short drive and lob. BUJKE pulled one back before the final break, scoring off a pass to the right post for 6-4. SZUCS hit the right post but the ball bounced in off the goalkeeper’s back and then DRAVUCZ had a gift shot on counter to level the game at 6:48. Next attack, the CABOUT factor hit again when Mieke scored from five metres for her fourth of the game. Both teams went to a timeout but it was Hungary who scored after the second, BUJKE claiming her third of the match and seventh for the tournament. Hungary rejoiced in SZUCS’s second goal from the top left-hand-catch position at 3:24 for the 8-7 lead. That was short-lived as VAN BELKUM scored her fourth on extra at 3:06. HAKHVERDIAN became only the third scorer for the Netherlands when she bounced the ball across the cage on extra at 1:55 for 9-8. At 1:14, KESZTHELYI, who scored the opening goal, closed the match when she nailed the equaliser well after the exclusion period. Despite a Hungarian timeout at 0:50, Hungary could not convert and the Dutch had no intention of trying to score, finishing one point better than Hungary in a tight group.