Game 17 (W): 09:30, Group C, BRAZIL 4 SPAIN 12

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 0-3, 2-4, 0-3, 2-2

Referees: Natalya RUSTAMOVA (UZB), Boris MARGETA (SLO)

Extra Man: BRA: 0/8. ESP: 1/6

Pens: ESP: 3/4

BRAZIL: Tess OLIVEIRA, Cecilia CANETTI, Marina ZABLITH, Marina CANETTI, Marella COUTINHO, Izabella CHIAPPINI (1), Cristina BEER, Luiza CARVALHO (2), Fernanda LISSONI, Gabriela GOZANI, Maria Barbara AMARO (1), Gabriela DIAS, Manuela CANETTI. Head Coach: Roberto CHIAPPINI.
SPAIN: Ava COPADO, Blanca GIL (5), Ana ESPAR (1), Helena LLORET (1), Matilde ORTIZ (1), Paula CHILLADA, Lorena MIRANDA, Pilar PENA (2), Andrea BLAS (1), Ona MESEGUER, (1) M. Carmen GARCIA, Marta BACH, Laura ESTER. Head Coach: Miguel OCA.

Superstar GIL doubled her scoring tally for the tournament to 10 as Spain outplayed Brazil. However, three of GIL’s goals came from the penalty line while she missed her first attempt at penalty in the opening quarter. She scored with a centre-forward backhand with her first goal and then climbed high out of the water with a slow-turning backhand to close the game’s scoring at 12-4. Brazil struggled to threaten in the first and third periods. CARVALHO scored twice from two metres, AMARO sent one in the top corner and CHIAPPINI sent in a slider that only just bobbled across the line. Spain looked sharper and better than gaining only third place in the group. Hope for Brazil came from levelling the final quarter, a good omen heading into the classification 13-16 round.