Game 13 (W), 17:00, Group D, ITALY 18 SOUTH AFRICA 2

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 4-2, 5-0, 5-0, 4-0

Referees: Nenad PERIS (CRO), Natalya RUSTAMOVA (UZB)

Extra Man: ITA:  4/9. RSA: 2/6

ITALY: Giulia GOLERO, Simona ABBATE (1), Elisa CASANOVA (4), Francesca POMERI, Martina SAVIOLI (3), Allegra LAPI (2), Marta COLAIOCCO (2), Roberta BIANCONI (3), Giulia EMMOLO (1), Giulia RAMBALDI (1), Alessandra COTTI, Teresa FRASSINETTI (1), Elena GIGLI. Head Coach: Fabio CONTI.
SOUTH AFRICA: Leigh MAARSCHALK, Kimberly SCHMIDT, Kimberly KAY, Shelley FAULMANN, Megan SCHOOLING (1), Laura BARRETT, Christine BARRETTO, Lee Anne KEET, Delaine CHRISTIAN, Sarah HARRIS (1), Nicolette POULOS, Kelsey WHITE, Jemma DENDY YOUNG. Head Coach: Brad ROWE.
Italy made it two in a row with a convincing win over South Africa but the start of the match proved interesting. Italy went 2-0 up in just over a minute but two minutes later the score was 3-2 and then 4-2 at 4:23. That was the quarter score so South Africa proved to be equal to the task at this stage. However, the counter-attacks started coming and the score started mounting. With the inequity in the sides it could be expected to have huge scores but South Africa frustrated Italy enough for a pair of fives. South Africa kept trying and even restricted Italy to four in the last. MAARSCHALK was susceptible to the lob but it was the superior experience, ball skills and strength that stumped the South Africans. The statistics told heavily with Italy scoring off 39 attempts compared to RSA’s 20.