Game 12 (W): 13:30, Group C, BRAZIL 8 GREECE 11

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 2-3, 3-2, 1-3, 2-3

Referees: Gyorgy JUHASZ (HUN), Steven ROTSART (USA)

Extra Man: BRA: 0/1. GRE: 5/6

BRAZIL: Tess OLIVEIRA, Cecilia CANETTI (1), Marina ZABLITH (1), Marina CANETTI (1), Marella COUTINHO (1), Izabella CHIAPPINI (1), Cristina BEER, Luiza CARVALHO (1), Fernanda LISSONI, Gabriela GOZANI, Maria Barbara AMARO (1), Gabriela DIAS (1), Manuela CANETTI. Head Coach: Roberto CHIAPPINI.
GREECE: Eleni KOUVDOU, Christina TSOUKALA (1), Antiopi MELIDONI (1), Ilektra Maria PSOUNI (2), Kyriaki LIOSI, Alkisti AVRAMIDOU, Alexandra ASIMAKI (2), Antigoni ROUMPESI (2), Angeliki GEROLYMOU, Triantafylla MANOLIOUDAKI (1), Stavroula ANTONAKOU (2), Georgia LARA, Eleni GOULA. Head Coach: Georgios MORFESIS.

Greece emerged with a second win but it took some time before the game was settled. In fact, Greece trailed twice in the first two periods and saw a 5-4 lead late in the second quarter nullified when DIAS dragged down a fantastic cross pass with a right-hand backhand. Greece looked untroubled in the third period with three goals, from MELIDONI, ROUMPESI and ANTONAKOU, but COUTINHO netted on extra for 6-8. When ZABLITH swam the length of the pool and pounced on a long pass from KOUVDOU, she made no mistake with the shot and, at one goal, the game was well alive. Brazil took a second timeout but lost the ball with a series of fumbled passes. It was the turning point of the game. A minute later ROUMPESI converted from the top and ASIMAKI professionally disposed of her defender to score from two metres for 10-7 at 1:41. CHIAPPINI brought up some consolation for Brazil from the deep right at 0:36. The final goal went to ANTONAKOU with a screamer from the top seconds from the buzzer. Brazil’s inability to convert on extra-man advantage proved the downfall, scoring none from eight Greek ejections. Greece, on the other hand, netted five from 11 attempts.