Game 7 (M): 17:40, Group D, ITALY 17 SOUTH AFRICA 1

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 5-0, 3-0, 5-0, 4-1


Extra Man: ITA: 2/2. RSA: 0/2

Pens: ITA: 2/2

ITALY: Stefano TEMPESTI, Amaurys PEREZ (2), Niccolò GITTO, Pietro FIGLIOLI (1), Alex GIORGETTI (3), Maurizio FELUGO, Niccoloi FIGARI (1), Valentino GALLO (2), Christian PRESCIUTTI (2), Deni FIORENTINI (1), Matteo AICARDI (1), Arnaldo DESERTI (4), Giacomo PASTORINO. Coach: Alessandro CAMPAGNA.
SOUTH AFRICA: Grant BELCHER, Pat McCARTHY, Jared WINGATE, Wesley BOHATA, Bevan MANSON, Jason KYTE (1), Gavin KYTE, Ryan BELL, Gareth SAMUEL, Donn STEWART, Adam KAJEE, Nicholas MOLYNEUX, Matthew KEMP. Head Coach: Brad ROWE.

Italy’s surge up the international rankings following silver at last month’s FINA World League meant bad news for South Africa. The Italians played modestly, with flair and with no desire to fire the afterburners. The shooting talent was on display and the defence was even better. South Africa failed to learn the lessons from the earlier quarters, much to its distress. The only South African goal came two minutes into the fourth period when Jason Kyte fired one of the true missiles from the top through the middle of the net. But too often South African drives were stymied and the extra punch needed to gain ejections was missing. Italian supremo CAMPAGNA utilised his full bench, as the spread of goals attests, and was untroubled in any quarter.  GIORGETTI enjoyed two penalty strikes among his three goals. South Africa missed two extra-man chances but the most damning section of the game was turnovers, committing 25 compared to Italy’s 12.