Game 5 (M), 17:00, Group C, JAPAN 5 CANADA 11

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 1-3, 2-2, 0-3, 2-3


Extra Man: JPN:  2/5. CAN: 1/2

Pens: CAN: 1/2

JAPAN: Katsuyuki TANAMURA, Kan AOYAGI (1), Koji TAKEI (1), Shota HAZUI, Mitsuaki SHIGA (1), Akira YANASE (1), Yisuke SHIMIZU (1), Atsushi NAGANUMA, Hiroki WAKAMATSU, Yoshinori SHIOTA, Keigo OKAWA, Satoshi NAGATA, Naoki SHIMIZU. Head Coach: Hideki TAKAGI.
CANADA: Robin RANDALL, Constantine KUDABA, Omar TOUNI, Nicolas CONSTANTIN, Justin BOYD (2), Scott ROBINSON (1), John CONWAY, Kevin GRAHAM (5), Devon DIGGLE (3), Dusko DAKIC, Oliver VIKALO, Jared McELROY, Dusan ALEKSIC. Coach: Dragan JOVANOVIC.

With Kevin GRAHAM on fire and Canada looking better as the game went on, Japan had no answer for the North American team that has come on in leaps and bounds under head coach JOVANOVIC. The superior shooting average saw Canada complete the second half 5-2. GRAHAM used his left arm to its powerful best, scoring five goals — four from his favoured deep left-hand-catch position — with one on counter-attack. His only blemish was a missed penalty attempt late in the second quarter, the ball making solid contact with TANAMURA’s left hand at full stretch. DIGGLE scored three more with the first two coming in quick success to make a decisive three-goal margin at 5-2. Japan tried to break through but the Canadian defence left few gaps in the trees. Five Japanese scored but when needed — the third period — they were wanting — and Canada had the game stitched up at 8-3, keeping Japan scoreless for the period. The goal of the match came from ROBINSON on extra for 10-5 when he took the ball on the two-metre line close to the post on the right side with his right arm and sent in a high backhand shot.