Game 2 (M): 10:50, Group A, KAZAKHSTAN 5 SPAIN 18

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 1-3, 0-4, 2-5, 2-6

Referees: Roberto CABRAL (BRA), Steven ROTSART (USA)

Extra Man: KAZ: 2/3. ESP: 4/7

KAZAKHSTAN: Alexandr SHVEDOV, Sergey GUBAREV, Murat SHAKENOV, Roman PILIPENKO, Alexey PANFILI, Alexandr FENOCHKO, Alexandr AXENOV (1), Rustam UKUMANOV, Evgeniy ZHILYAYEV (3), Mikhail RUDAY (1), Ravil MANAFOV, Nikita KOKORIN, Alexey DEMCHENKO. Head Coach: Sergey DROZDOV.
SPAIN: Inaki AGUILAR, Mario GARCIA (1), Eric MARSAL (1), Francisco FERNANDEZ (1), Guillermo MOLINA (3), Marc MINGUELL (3), Mark ROCA, Albert ESPANOL, Xavier VALLES (1), Felipe PERRONE (3), Ivan PEREZ (3), Javier GARCIA (2), Daniel LOPEZ. Head Coach: Rafael AGUILAR.

When Spain led 10-1, Kazakhstan awoke and started to make a mark on the game, but by then the damage had been done.  While stars MOLINA, MINGUELL and PERRONE were slamming in goals, Kazakhstan was in the wings. Then old-stager ZHILYAYEV (38) bristled at the opportunity and fired in three of his own to bring Kazakhstan to 13-4 behind. Ivan PEREZ, another player not far from the pension, produced two immaculate goals of his own and Spain was comfortably 14-4 ahead. RUDAY gave Kazakhstan a fifth but MINGUELL collected his third one the final buzzer, cutting it finely on counter. Spain enjoyed a 56% shooting average compared to Kazakhstan’s 25%.