Game 7: 17:40, Group D, ITALY 12 CUBA 4

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 4-1, 2-1, 3-0, 3-2

Referees: Georgy JUHASZ (HUN), Ursula WENGENROTH (SUI)

Extra Man: ITA: 3/5. CUB: 1/3

Pen: CUB: 1/1

ITALY: Giulia GOLERO, Simona ABBATE (3), Elisa CASANOVA (1), Francesca POMERI, Martina SAVIOLI (3), Allegra LAPI (1), Marta COLAIOCCO, Roberta BIANCONI (3), Giulia EMMOLO, Giulia RAMBALDI, Alessandra COTTI (1), Teresa FRASSINETTI, Elena GIGLI. Head Coach: Fabio CONTI.
CUBA: Mairelis ZUNZUNEGUI, Daniela ESCALONA, Yeliana BRAVO, Hirovis HERNANDEZ (2), Danay GUTIERREZ (2), Mayelin BERNAL, Yanet LOPEZ, Yadira OMS, Dayana MORALES, Yordanka PUJOL, Lisbeth SANTANA, Neldys TRUFFIN, Arisney RAMOS. Head Coach: Francisco VEITIA.

Italy cruised through its opening match with a solid workout against Cuba, who front for World Championships and perform as if they compete at the top level all the time. The determination of the Cubans was evident everywhere, especially from goalkeeper ZUNZUNEGUI, but the dominance of Italy proved too tough a hurdle. Italy worked on its plays and used the players sparingly but enough to gain a decent goal differential. ABBATE and SAVIOLI enjoyed their hat-tricks of goals. CASANOVA had her usual cameo performances and missed some excellent backhands but did turn for an easy score from the two-metre line. HERNANDEZ showed her usual flair for Cuba and converted the only penalty shot of the match. Italy now has harder competition ahead but is equal to the task.