Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarters: 1-1, 2-2, 3-2, 1-2

Referees: Massimiliano CAPUTI (ITA), Boris MARGETA (SLO)

Extra Man: NED: 2/4. USA: 2/3


NETHERLANDS: Ilse VAN DER MEIJDEN, Yasemin SMIT (1), Frederike CABOUT (1), Biurakn HAKHVERDIAN, Catharina VAN DER SLOOT, Nomi STOMPHORST, Iefke VAN BELKUM (1), Robbin REMERS, Jantien CABOUT (1), Nienke VERMEER (3), Lieke KLAASSEN, Simone KOOT, Anne HEINIS. Head Coach: Mauro MAUGERI.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, Heather PETRI, Melissa SEIDEMANN (1), Brenda VILLA (1), Lauren WENGER (3), Margaret STEFFENS, Courtney MATHEWSON, Jessica STEFFENS, Elsie WINDES, Kelly RULON, Annika DRIES (1), Kameryn CRAIG (1), Tumuaialii ANAE. HEAD COACH: Adam KRIKORIAN.

This was the game where all the champions were contesting perhaps the hottest game of the tournament in the very first match. The USA has World, World Cup and World League titles while the Netherlands is the reigning Olympic champion. It all came down to the final two minutes when both teams took a timeout but could not convert as superb defence nullified powerful attacking chances. The centre forwards dominated with VERMEER proving a handful for the USA with three goals while the USA’s powerful forward trio DRIES, SEIDEMANN and CRAIG netting the USA’s first three. WENGER was sharp, scoring twice on extra and her third came off a close pass from the top which she turn and dragged back into goal for the go-ahead 7-6 goal. SMIT equalised with a gift goal off the left-post position at 1:28. The USA’s last-gasp attempt to win was to come from a top shot but the driver failed to earn the foul to assist with a potential 5m attempt.