Shanghai Food Safety Committee is established - The Mayor orders that the most rigorous measures should be adopted

Shanghai 2011

SHANGHAI, China (June 17) - Shanghai Municipal People’s Government announced on May 23 the establishment of Shanghai Food Safety Committee and promulgated Opinions on Implementation of the Work for Further Improving Food Safety of Shanghai.

At a teleconference held on the same day on further improving food safety, Han Zheng, CPC Shanghai Committee Secretary and the Mayor of Shanghai made the following statement:

“Food safety is of vital importance to the health and life safety of all people of the city; therefore, we have a great responsibility to adopt the most rigorous measures in business license granting, supervision, law enforcement, penalty, and accountability mechanism to make Shanghai one of China’s safest cities and relieve people of the worries.”

In order to improve the food safety in Shanghai in accordance with the State Council’s decisions and the actual conditions of the city, Shanghai government has made a decision to establish Shanghai Food Safety Committee.

A Vice Mayor of Shanghai is appointed as Chairman of the Committee that has an authority to study, coordinate and decide on the division of previously blurred responsibilities among governmental authorities.

Also, Shanghai government has promulgated Opinions on Implementation of the Work for Further Improving Food Safety of Shanghai after listening to opinions of various parties which includes detailed measures in the following five aspects:

1. strengthening comprehensive coordination to divide previously blurred supervision responsibilities;

2. strengthening system building and the government’s supervision effectiveness;

3. strengthening enterprise management to make sure food producers bear principal responsibility for food safety;

4. mobilising social resources to involve all society in the supervision of food safety;

5. imposing severe penalty to those in violation of laws and regulations.

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