The 14th FINA World Championships Doping Control preparation work steadily ongoing

Shanghai 2011

SHANGHAI, China (June 17) - In accordance with the anti-doping rules of FINA, doping control will be carried out at the 14th FINA World Championships. The OC has established a Doping Control Department which, under the instruction of the FINA Doping Control Commission, carries out the doping control work at the Championships. The preparation work is steadily ongoing.

The doping control work will be carried out in strict accordance with the FINA DC Rules. During the Championships, a total of four doping control stations will be set up, at the indoor stadium, natatorium and outdoor diving pool of Shanghai Oriental Sports Center and open water venue in Jinshan District which will meet the standard by FINA.

About 30 experienced, licensed DCOs of China Anti-doping Agency will be responsible for the doping control, most of who have been involved in the doping control work at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games.

The samples collected will be transported from Shanghai to Beijing on a daily basis and analysed at the National Anti-doping Laboratory in Beijing which is accredited by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The laboratory will report negative analysis results within 24 hours after receiving them, and positive 48 hours after receiving them. The test results will be reported directly by the laboratory director to relevant department of FINA.

The OC is now improving the anti-doping working plan, which is under preparation. The OC will try to provide a clean competition environment for competitors and hold a drug-free sports event by conducting doping control in an effective and efficient manner.

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