Setubal ready to host the 2011 edition of the FINA 10km MSWC

10km Marathon Swimming World Cup

Open Water Athlete Arseniy Lavrentyev (POR)The 2011 edition of the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup event in Setubal (POR), to take place on June 18, was formally launched with a Press Conference attended by some stars participating in the race, by the Mayor of Setubal Maria das Dores Meira, by the President of the Portuguese Swimming Federation and FINA Bureau Member Paulo Frischknecht, and by the FINA Delegate Noam Zvi.

South African legend and Olympic athlete Natalie Du Toit explained that it was the first time she was competing in Setubal, and revealed her “anxiety to know the place and feel the temperature of the water”.

Brazil’s Victor Simoes will also make its debut in Portuguese waters and expressed his optimism in terms of the organisation: “Some swimmers who have been here year last year showed me some videos of the event and I know that the level is quite good”.

Arseniy Lavrentyev, one of the Portuguese athletes present in the first marathon swimming event held in the Olympic programme (in Beijing 2008), concluded by saying that “this is one of the most interesting races of the circuit, as it is quite tough and unpredictable”.

Paulo Frischknecht underlined the importance of the event by recalling that the same race will be, on June 9-10, 2012 the marathon swimming qualifying event for the Olympics in London. “That is why, this year, many athletes wanted to be present in order to ‘test’ the race and get familiar with the conditions of the water,” he said.

(From FPN Press Release)

The podium of the launching Press Conference
The podium of the launching Press Conference