Coaches clinic builds a legacy for Swimming in Benin

Development News

Michel Pedroletti, national technical consultant at the Férération Française de Natation, trained more than 15 advanced-level Swimming Coaches in Cotonou (BEN) from March 7-18, 2011. The French expert noted that all participants were very attentive, interested and motivated during the 12-day clinic. The development of Swimming in the region even generated interest from the local radio show "Sport et Musique", which invited the class for an hour live participation.

The topics discussed during the clinic were the role of the coach, basic stroke techniques and swimming training, starts and turns, motivation, management and communication skills inherent to a coach, training planning, just to name a few.

Mr. Pedroletti (left) with all participants at the clinic

A development plan for Swimming in Benin was also put forward with the following objectives: to organise annual swimming championships, to establish national records lists for young swimmers, to build a sports training school for 10 and under with the support of private schools in Cotonou, Porto Novo and Ouidah whose coaches are also physical education teachers.

The pool sessions took place at the Eldorado Swimming pool (25m) where participants tested their coaching skills. The lack of swimming pools and equipment (e.g. racing lanes, touchpads) and the difficulty to access them still stand in the way to further development of swimming in the country.