Sports talent program focuses in scouting prospects for a new divers generation

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As an effort to increase the athletic reserves for the Diving Program, the Baja California Sports and Physical Culture Institute have set a scouting campaign throughout some cities. Tijuana is one of them, and the first stage to evaluate young candidates, there will be a scouting session on April 30th at the Baja California High Performance Center, known as “The CAR”.

CAR’s Acquatic Complex will receive 52 students from different elementary schools ranking in age from 5-9. They were evaluated in their schools by the Scouting Department previously for potencial talents needed.

Some of the children that were checked will be observed again this weekend in the Acquatic Complex. “They will be brought for further evaluations”, said diving coach Jim Wynne, who worked with San Diego State University program, and now is part of the Baja Project.

The best boys and girls after this evaluation session, will be recruited to begin training immediately in the pursuit of increasing the Lumber of classifications and medals in 2013.

Randall Williars, one of the top youngest diver prospects
Randall Williars, one of the top youngest diver prospects

“It is necessary that we implement an agressive and tireless pursuit for our future”, stated Wynne. “That is where the champions are and the long term success of diving in Baja is dependent upon it”.

Wynne started to work in a full time basis in Baja after a previous stint in 2009. “We feel very good in the direction it is headed”, he added.

The Baja California State team will compete this year in the National Junior Olympic Tournament which will take place in Veracruz on May.

Last year, Baja achieved a silver medal in Guadalajara, while in 2009, the state program won two golds competing as host of the “Olimpiada Nacional”, name in spanish of the tournament sanctioned by the national federations along with the National Sports Commission (CONADE) as the Federal Governing Body of sports in Mexico.

(Press Release from the Baja California Sports and Physical Culture Institute)

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