Building Swimming Officials expertise in Kigali (RWA)

Development News

The Rwanda Swimming Federation (RSF) organised a Swimming clinic for beginner-level Officials (Judges and Referees) in Kigali from March 22-31, 2011. The clinic was a great success, with 30 participants (all local except one Kenyan) getting valuable training and knowledge from Germany's Gerd Nottelmann, a much experienced swimming expert.

The RSF is a young Federation, which was formed just a few years ago, and ever since, it has sought to actively promote swimming within the region. It is therefore an opportune time for holding a Swimming Officials clinic, providing Judges and Referees all the skills they need to further develop the Federation's activities.

An original aspect was the practical session that took place at the end of the 10-day clinic. Nottelmann simulated a swimming competition, involving all participants and testing their knowledge when swimmers were making mistakes. This was something they did on their own for the first time.

All in all, this proved to be a very good experience for these very enthusiastic Officials, which will help them run their own swimming competitions, both regional and large-scale, in the future.

Participants to the Swimming Clinic in Kigali (RWA)
Participants to the Swimming Clinic in Kigali (RWA)