Three-in-one clinic attracts many in Lima (PER)

Development News

Three consecutive clinics for Open Water, Synchro and Swimming Judges took place in Lima (PER) from March 11-13, 14-19 and March 18-23, 2011, respectively. 

Open water swimming expert Jorge Delgado Panchana from the Federación Ecuatoriana de Natación trained a group of 33 beginner-level participants, including Coaches, Judges, Officials and Referees. He talked about the specific training that applies to open water swimmers, FINA OWS Rules & Regulations and event organisation, among other topics.

Spanish expert Hortensia Graupera welcomed 31 Judges and Officials for the synchro clinic (Intermediate/Advanced) at the Piscina Campo de Marte while Jose Ismael Gonzalez from Guatemala, Member of FINA Technical Swimming Committee, UANA, CCCAN, provided a swimming skills upgrade to no less than 67 intermediate-level Judges.

Open Water Swimming Officials in Lima (PER)
Open Water Swimming Officials in Lima (PER)