Water Polo Referees upgrade skills in Sao Paulo (BRA)

Development News

The first FINA Water Polo School for Referees of the year, was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from February 18-20.

FINA Technical Water Polo Committee (TWPC) Chairman Gianni Lonzi was the assigned expert for the course. TWPC Member Jorge R. Pagura, Secretary of Sport for the state of Sao Paulo, welcomed all 18 participating referees in the name of the President of the Brazilian Swimming Federation, Mr. Coaracy Nunes Filho, also FINA Bureau Member. International water polo referee Mr. Cabral was there to translate into Brazilian.

During the three-day course, there was much discussion about all aspects of the right application of the FINA Rules, the importance of the Center/Centerback play and specifics regarding simulations and provocations during water polo games.

Mr. Lonzi deemed important to clarify what is acceptable when the teams play "pressing" and what sanction must be applied when, for instance, the defender player holds the opponent with two hands, when the referees have to call the penalty and which are the criteria on this situation. There was also a review of the collaboration between refereees for the new ones.

The idea was to make clear to all participants how important the above-mentioned aspects are important in our sport. Participation was excellent during the course, with much discussion about various situations arising during the game.