What it takes to be a good Diving Judge (GBR)

Development News

The first FINA Diving Judges Certification Course of the year attracted 17 participants at the Southend Swimming and Diving Center, Essex (GBR), from January 28-30. FINA Technical Diving Committee Members Anke Piper, from Germany, and Frans v.d. Konijnenburg, from the Netherlands, gave the course, which included the following elements: requirements for good judging, duties of the referee, judging the dive and synchro diving, summary of the penalties. At the end of the course, a test and briefing took place.

The purpose of the course is triple: 1) to enlarge the number of judges and enhance the quality of the existing judges; 2) to create a uniform pattern of interpretation and application of Diving rules, thus raising the quality of judging; 3) and to use the course as an instrument to develop and promote Diving worldwide.