Esporte Clube Pinheiros wins Swimming Open Championships

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The Esporte Clube Pinheiros won the last championship of swimming in 2010, the sixth edition of Swimming Open Championship. The club scored 633 points and are the only team to win this competition in the history. Minas Tênis Clube finished the event in second position and scored 316 points. Flamengo, club of Cesar Cielo, has third with 140.5 points. As a whole, 375 swimmers to 49 teams disputed the competition. The event registered 16 new records. The championship was realised at Itaguará Country Club in Guaratinguetá city.

Results – Women
50m freestyle: Flavia Delaroli (Pinheiros) – 24s87
100m freestyle: Tatiana Lemos (Pinheiros) – 53s55
200m freestyle: Tatiana Lemos (Pinheiros) – 1min58s39
400m freestyle: Manuella Lyrio (Minas TC) – 4min14s58
800m freestyle: Poliana Okimoto (Corinthians) – 8min39s79 CR
50m breaststroke: Tatiane Sakemi (Pinheiros) – 31s56
100m breaststroke: Tatiane Sakemi (Pinheiros) – 1min09s41
200m breaststroke: Tatiane Sakemi (Pinheiros) – 2min31s44
50m backstroke: Fabíola Molina (São José) – 27s63
100m backstroke: Fabíola Molina (São José) – 59s26
200m backstroke: Fernanda Alvarenga (Minas TC) – 2min12s21
50m butterfly: Daniele Paoli (Pinheiros) – 26s55 CR
100m butterfly: Gabriella Silva (Pinheiros) – 58s29
200m butterfly: Julia Gerotto (Paineiras) – 2min12s90 CR
200m individual medley: Joanna Maranhão (Minas TC) – 2min15s24
400m individual medley: Julia Gerotto (Paineiras) – 4min47s14

Results – Men
50m freestyle: Cesar Cielo (Flamengo) – 21s46
100m freestyle: Cesar Cielo (Flamengo) – 46s87 CR
200m freestyle: André Schultz (Pinheiros) – 1min46s08 CR
400m freestyle: Lucas Kanieski (Minas TC) – 3min46s69
1500m freestyle: Lucas Kanieski (Minas TC) – 14min53s52 CR
50m breaststroke: Felipe França (Pinheiros) – 26s94
100m breaststroke: Felipe França (Pinheiros) – 58s67 CR
200m breaststroke: Tales Cerdeira (Pinheiros) – 2min08s09 CR
50m backstroke: Gabriel Mangabeira (Pinheiros) – 24s27
100m backstroke: Gabriel Mangabeira (Pinheiros) – 50s88 CR
200m backstroke: André Schultz (Pinheiros) – 1min53s62 CR
50m butterfly: Cesar Cielo (Flamengo) – 23s06
100m butterfly: Lucas Salatta (Minas TC) – 52s40
200m butterfly: Lucas Salatta (Minas TC) – 1min55s24
200m individual medley: André Schultz (Pinheiros) – 1min55s65 CR
400m individual medley: Diogo Yabe (São José) – 4min14s82 CR

Top 5 Final Ranking
1- Pinheiros - 633 points
2- Minas TC - 316 points
3- Flamengo – 140,5 points
4- Unisanta – 136 points
5- Corinthians – 111 points

Best Performances
Womens: Tatiana Lemos in 100m freestyle: 53s46.
Mens: André Schultz in 200m individual medley: 1min55s65

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