Coaches and Judges enjoy Diving clinic and Samba in Rio de Janeiro (BRA)

Development News

30 participants took part in a clinic for Diving Coaches and Judges (Intermediate - Advanced Level), held in the Parque Aquatico Julio de Lamare - Complexo, Esportivo do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from October 19-23.

Steve Foley, USA Diving High Performance Director, conducted the clinic, which comprised eight practical sessions and 11 theoretical sessions. There was no examination given at the end of the five-day course; instead coaches were tasked certain skills to teach their divers following presentations.

"All coaches were very receptive to try new things and there was a dramatic improvement by the end of the five days," said Foley.

After the class, the majority of coaches and Foley went out for a local "Samba" night with music and dancing, which was much appreciated by all.

Foley noted in his report that this was "one of the best arranged clinics" he attended.