Survey confirms success in Punta del Este


Following the positive feeling on-site, a post-event survey confirms the satisfaction of the majority of the participants (over 450 in Uruguay) at the 1st FINA World Aquatics Convention, held in Punta del Este (URU), on September 27-29, 2010. The high rate of responses to this inquiry also confirms the interest in this event and the motivation of all attendees in improving the future editions of the Convention.

In a questionnaire sent to all delegates, lecturers, sponsors, exhibitors, organisers, or bidders present in Uruguay, 71.5% of them agreed that the Convention met their objectives. On a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent), participants rated the “Quality of the Conference” 4.2 and the “Quality of Exhibition” was noted a 4.0.

Overall, 98.9% of the participants (Definitively – 61.7%, Likely – 37.2%) plan to attend the second edition of the FINA World Aquatics Convention, to be held in October 2012.

Some figures in detail:

• Quality of Conference Speakers 4.1 (on a scale 1-5)
• Convention website (information provided) 4.1 (on a scale 1-5)
• Use of online networker tool 36.2%
• Enough time to meet other partners 85.2% (Yes)
• Preferred conference session format 76.2% (Panel Discussions)

Comments to this questionnaire included the following opinions:

“I must say it was a life time experience and we are surely going to put them into practice in order to move our federation forward, although finance might pose a barrier. Thank you for the opportunity accorded to us to be part of this great development.”
“In my business over the last 20 years I have attended many hundreds of conventions. This has to be in the Top-20. Thank you!”
• “While it was good to learn from top swimming countries, I would have liked that there could have been more interaction and speakers from countries such as mine so we could share our experiences, our successes and our needs and get advice from other countries that share our challenges.”
• “As a representative of a very small federation in a very small market, it would be good to hear from others in a similar market who have succeeded in implementing some of the ideas being presented by the big federations.”
• “Make sure there is enough time for questions/answer sessions following presentations and maybe organise more workshops with less people in order to allow for more spontaneous exchanges.”

As a follow-up of the 1st FINA World Aquatics Convention, a DVD with all the images of the event were sent to the participants, while all presentations delivered in Punta del Este can be found on the Convention website at:

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