Indianapolis 2010, day 3: Finals begin Saturday in Indianapolis

The stage is set for the finals of the 12th FINA/eSynchro World Junior Synchronised Swimming Championships at the IU Natatorium on the campus of IUPUI. The world's most elite junior synchronised swimmers finished competing in the figures competition on Friday. Scores from Wednesday and Thursday's preliminaries will be combined with Friday’s figure scores to determine the 12 finalists in the solo, duet and the team free routine.

The finals in the Duet Free Routine and in the Team Free Routine will be held on Saturday. The world junior champions in both the Solo Free Routine and the Free Routine Combination events will be crowned Sunday at the conclusion of finals.

The internationally-sanctioned competition features the team and duet events, which are also Olympic disciplines. The team event consists of eight athletes while the duet consists of two synchronised swimmers. The solo requires a swimmer to synchronise a routine to music, while the combination routine is considered a fan-favorite and incorporates a variety of different routines into one four and a half minute programme.

The top 12 solo, duet and team performances have qualified for the finals. A random draw was held this afternoon to determine the order of competition. The 13th ranked performance qualified as the pre-swimmer in each event. The draw resulted in the following order of competition for this weekend's final events:

Order of Competition: 1-GRE; 2-ESP; 3-SUI; 4-USA; 5-HUN; 6-ITA; 7-FRA; 8-CAN; 9-JPN; 10-CHN; 11-UKR; 12-RUS
Top Six Teams from Preliminaries: 1-RUS; 2-UKR; 3-CAN; 4-JPN; 5-CHN; 6-FRA

- Pre-Swimmer: COL
Order of Competition: 1-BRA; 2-USA; 3-ITA; 4-SUI; 5-GRE; 6-FRA; 7-CHN; 8-UKR; 9-CAN; 10-RUS; 11-ESP; 12-JPN
Top Six Teams from Preliminaries: 1-RUS; 2-CHN; 3-CAN; 4-UKR; 5-JPN; 6-ESP

- Pre-Swimmer: CZE
Order of Competition: 1-USA; 2-ITA; 3-ESP; 4-FRA; 5-BLR; 6-SUI; 7-RUS; 8-JPN; 9-GRE; 10-CAN; 11-UKR; 12-CHN
Top Six Teams from Preliminaries: 1-RUS; 2-UKR; 3-CAN; 4-JPN; 5-CHN; 6-GRE

Order of Competition: 1-COL; 2-GRE; 3-BRA; 4-USA; 5-SUI; 6-ITA; 7-CAN; 8-ESP; 9-JPN; 10-UKR; 11-RUS; 12-CHN
Top Six Teams from Preliminaries: 1-RUS; 2-UKR; 3-CHN; 4-CAN; 5-ESP; 6-JPN

The National Federations are new to the FINA Junior World Championships but the athletes from Argentina, Finland and Singapore failed to advance to the weekend's finals.


Saturday, August 14th
14:15        Presentation of finalists
14:30 – 15:45    Final: DUET Free Routine
16:45        Presentation of finalists
17:00 – 18:30    Final: TEAM Free Routine
18:45        Awards Ceremony

Sunday, August 15th
13:15        Presentation of finalists
13:30- 14:45    Final, SOLO Free Routine
15:45        Presentation of finalists
16:00 – 17:30    Final: COMBINATION
17:45        Awards Ceremony