Shanghai 2011 - Control of Events

17.1 – Management Committee
The Management Committee shall consist of the Members of the Bureau (GR 9.4.2).

17.2 – Jury of Appeal
The Jury of Appeal shall be the Members of the Bureau and the Honorary Members of FINA (GR 9.3.1).

17.3 - Commissions
For each discipline a commission shall be appointed consisting of the respective Technical Delegate (Bureau liaison) and the Chairman and the Honorary Secretary of each respective FINA Technical Committee (GR 9.5.1).

17.4 – FINA Representatives and Technical Delegates

17.4.1 – FINA Representatives
The FINA Representatives to the Organising Committee are: the Executive and the Executive Director.

17.4.2 – Technical Delegates

Swimming Dale Neuburger (USA)
Open Water Swimming Dennis Miller (FIJ)
Diving Orban Mendoza (PUR)
Water Polo Dimitris Diathessopoulos (GRE)
Synchronised Swimmig Qiuping Zhang(CHN)