Shanghai 2011 - Technical meet Officials Informations

7.1 – Nominations (BL 9.1)
The Judges nominated must be of the same nationality as the FINA Member Federation signing the form and fully certified by the respective Technical Committee.

The FINA Technical Committees will propose Technical Officials (Judges and Referees) from the current FINA Officials Lists in the respective discipline, for approval by the FINA Bureau or FINA Executive.

7.2 – Number of Officials
FINA will select the following number of Officials:

Host Federation: one (1) Starter, eight (8) Judges, eight (8) Deck Officials & one (1) Announcer
Other Federations: one (1) Starter & twenty-five (25) Judges

Open Water Swimming
Host Federation:
three (3) Timekeepers
three (3) Finish Judges
one (1) Starter
one (1) Halfway Turn Judge
one (1) Escort Boat Judge per athlete (25km events)
Other Federations: twelve (12) Officials

Host Federation: one (1) Judge & eight (8) Deck Officials
Other Federations: two (2) Deck Officials & twenty (20) Judges

Water Polo
Participating Federations: one (1) Referee for each participating Federation regardless of whether the Federation is represented by a Men’s team and/or Women’s team.

Non-participating Federations: six (6) Neutral Referees for the Men’s and Women’s Competition from countries without teams (with a maximum of one (1) per country).

Host Federation: thirty (30) Deck Officials

Synchronised Swimming
Host Federation: one (1) Speaker & six (6) Deck Officials
Other Federations: eighteen (18) Judges & one (1) Chief Recorder

7.3 – Required Days of Duty
Each official selected by the FINA Bureau must be available at the competition for the number of days of their relevant competition, plus three days before the start of the competition, and one day following the conclusion of the competition and duty, as follows:

Number of days (arrival-departure)*
Open Water Swimming 10 days (16-25 July)
Synchronised Swimming 12 days (13-24 July)
Diving 13 days (13-25 July)
Water Polo 20 days (13 July-1 August)
Swimming 12 days (21 July-1 August)
Medical 20 days (13 July-1 August)
Jury of Appeal 20 days (13 July-1 August)

* To be confirmed after FINA’s approval of the definitive competition programme.

If any changes will apply to the dates, the NF/officials will be informed immediately.