Olympic gold medallists at Masters water polo


The Masters community has many stories to tell, but water polo may be the sport to have players with the greatest pre-Masters life achievements to reveal. Indeed, going to a Masters game offers the best chances to cross the way of former Olympians.

Such is the case of Aleksandr Shidlovsky, who was gold medallist at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. He played in the men’s water polo team representing Russia and now operates as a coach.

Also part of the Russian team were Yevgueni Grishin (not pictured) and Georgy Mshvenieradze, who both participated at their home 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, where Russia once more became Olympic champion. They play in the 50+ age group at the FINA Masters World Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Aleksandr Shidlovsky and Georgy Mshvenieradze - credit: Sarah Chiarello