Emotive posthumous tribute to Joaquín Capilla, four-time Olympic medallist

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Mexican Olympic Committee President (COM), Felipe Muñoz Kapamas, Director of the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (Conade), Bernardo de la Garza, and President of the Mexican Swimming Federation, Todorov Kiril Minchev, were all present to pay posthumous tribute to Mexican diver Joaquin Capilla, who passed away on May 8, 2010, in Mexico City.

The remembrance of the Mexican athlete, winner of four medals (one gold, one silver and two bronze) was held at CDOM diving pool. The ceremony also counted the presence of many fellow Olympic medallists, such as Carlos Girón, Jesús Mena and Fernando Platas.

Muñoz Kapamas declared that Joaquin Capilla “was the best diver and athlete in our country’s history.”

“It was he who started the diving dynasty in Mexico and over the years, it has been growing since he showed the way, teaching us that we could be champions and his legacy was continued by others, such as Jesus Mena, Fernando Platas, María José Alcalá and now Paola Espinosa and Rommel Pacheco,” he added.

Finally, the ex-diver Jesus Mena, bronze medallist at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, also paid tribute to the founder of the sport in Mexico: “To win an Olympic medal, regardless of which metal it is made of, is not easy; imagine what it means to achieve four.”

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