Seven Hills, Day 3: Sullivan shines in the 100 freestyle, upsetting a "reborn" Magnini

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During the closing day of the Seven Hills meet, which gives the trophy to Italy, Eamon Sullivan (AUS), who is training at the Australian Intitute of Sport (AIS) of Varese (ITA), won the most anticipated race of the programme: the Aussie, already world record holder, imposed himself in 49.25, rejecting the attacks of a “reborn” Filippo Magnini. Dunford (KEN) completed the podium.

Triple for the Italians in the 200 backstroke: Sebastian Ranfagni (1:59.91); third place was awarded to Damiano Lestingi. Among women, Elizabeth Simmonds wins in 2:08.31. To climb the podium next to the British were two Italians, Roberta Ioppi and Alessia Filippi, struggling with their results, but hopeful for the near future.

Geoff Huegill (AUS) won the 50 butterfly in 23.50, beating world champion Cavic (SER), struggling with back problems; Dunford (KEN) finished third.

Therese Alshammar (25.86), the “queen of speed” leaves behind Aljand (EST) and Halsall (GBR).

Neil Versfeld (RSA) rejects attacks from the Italians in the 200 breaststroke, touching first in 2:12.88; behind him are placed Molnar (HUN) and Jamieson (GBR). Triple tricolor in the women's race with Chiara Boggiatto (2:28.97), Elisa Celli and the young Irene Lacriola.

Taking advantage over Federica Pellegrini, Femke Heemskerk (NED) wins the 200 freestyle in 1:58.22. Agnes Mutina and Zsuzsanna Jakabos attempted to catch up with the Dutchwoman, unsuccessfully. They place second and third respectively.

It’s a double for the Hungarians in the 200 medley: the men's race goes to favourite Laszlo Cseh (1:59.14) while among women, Eveline Verraszto won the event (2:12.67).

To conclude, Federico Colbertaldo takes the 1500 freestyle in 15:09.41, restoring the hierarchies in the country. Ferretti and Pizzetti share out the remaining two podium places

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