Swimming clinic attracts many Coaches in Beyrouth (LIB)

Development News

71 coaches (51 beginner and 20 intermediate level) attended a swimming clinic on May 29-June 7, 2010, at the Centre sportif et Lycée de "Mont la Salle", in Beyrouth, Lebanon.

Jean-Louis Morin, from the Fédération Française de Natation, taught coaches with various indispensable skills: beginners learned about bio-mechanics in swimming and were given educational examples. They also practiced their coaching in the pool and took the ENF test (Ecole de Natation Française). Out of the 51, only one did not pass the test, a very satisfying result.

Beginner level coaches

Intermediate-level coaches learned about the fundamental principles of swimming techniques, physical preparation in swimming and how to train young swimmers. Practical programmes were put in place with  coaching examples. The clinic was conducted very successfully, with an excellent audience. Such success bodes well for the future of swimming coaches in Lebanon.

Intermediate level coaches