World Swim Against Malaria


WSMAfter supporting the project on its launch in 2005, FINA is once more associated to the “World Swim Against Malaria”, a global initiative to bring swimmers together, in order to raise money to fight malaria. The aim is to achieve one million people swimming on the same day all around the world, on June 25, 2010.

FINA committed to support, in close association with Speedo, this project because this was a real opportunity for the swimming community around the world to do something very simple, but very substantial, for a humanitarian cause which could save thousands of lives.

In concrete terms, already US$5.5 million has been raised and 1.2 million mosquito nets distributed to protect 2.5 million people, mainly children. This has helped to avoid 60,000 deaths!

Malaria is one of the biggest disease killers in the world and it is the single largest killer of children – one child dies of malaria every 30 seconds.


Swims are being organised in many different ways; each swim may choose its own format to encourage participation and to make it enjoyable and meaningful for all those taking part. FINA National Federations are invited to contact the swimming clubs in their respective countries and encourage them to participate, or they can simply add the “World Swim Against Malaria” logo in their website.


Speedo have donated 35,000 items of swimwear that anybody signing up to swim can access through making donations on the website:

In a letter addressed to FINA’s 202 National Member Federations, FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione highlighted the importance of this project:

I am delighted this initiative continues to thrive in our sport of swimming. I believe it is a great advertisement for the strength and values of the community of swimmers around the world. I hope you will join FINA in supporting World Swim Against Malaria and in extending the invitation for swimmers to participate everywhere.


- World Swim Against Malaria Summary pdf

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