SSAG - Age Group Rules

Synchronised Swimming Rules 2009-2013

SSAG 1 FINA Rules of competition will apply in all Age Group competitions.

SSAG 2 Age Categories

SSAG 2.1 All Age Group competitors remain qualified from 1 January to the following 31 December at the age they are at the close of day (12 midnight) on 31 December of the year of the competition.

SSAG 2.2 Age Groupings for Synchronised Swimming are:

12 years of age and under
13 – 15 years of age
16 – 18 years of age
Junior: 15-18 years of age

SSAG 3 Age Group figure sessions

SSAG 3.1 Each competitor must perform two (2) compulsory figures. One group of two (2) optional figures will be drawn as per SS 8.3.

SSAG 3.2 Figure lists:
The figure groups are listed in Appendix V of the Synchronised Swimming Rules. Participating Federations/ Clubs may also by mutual consent choose from other Age Groups or Senior Figure Groups for level of ability of the competitors entered in the meet.

SSAG 3.3 The final result of the figures session will be divided by the total degree of difficulty of the group and multiplied by 10 (see SS 12.2).

SSAG 4 In a duet or team event all competitors must swim the same figure groups. The choice of the groups is optional.

SSAG 5 Competitors 12 and under may not swim out of their age group for routine sessions because of the time limitation.

SSAG 6 The time limits for different age groups, including ten (10) seconds of deck movements, shall be:

Solo Duet Team Combi-

12 years and under 2.00 2.30 3.00 3.30 minutes
13, 14, 15 years 2.30 3.00 3.30 4.00 minutes
16, 17, 18 years 3.00 3.30 4.00 4.30 minutes
Juniors: 15-18 years 3.00 3.30 4.00 4.30 minutes

There shall be an allowance of fifteen (15) seconds less or plus the allotted time limit.