Portrait of a Master: Yoshiko Osaki (JPN)


Yoshiko Osaki is a great Masters swimmer who was born on March 30, 1938. She established her second-hundredth world record in the 100m freestyle, timing 1:14.58 in the 70-74 years old category at the Japan Women’s Swim Festival held at Yokohama International Swimming Complex in October last year.

Osaki celebrated her world record at Hotel Hankyu International in Osaka, Japan, on March 20, 2010. More than 250 people paid tribute to her feat by attending the event. Osaki assured that from then on, she would continue her challenge to break more world records.

The Japanese Masters Swimming Association has recognised 25 new world records, 11 of which were established in Osaka in January 2010 and 14 were broken in Tokyo, in February 2010. This is good news indicating that the Japanese Masters Swimming Association is still growing and attracting more enthusiasts. Indeed, the number of swimmers has now exceeded 47,000.