2010 YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES – Qualification, Programme & Information

Youth Olympic Games

From August 14-26, 2010 will take place in Singapore (SIN), the first edition of the Youth Olympic Games, a competition in which FINA will be represented by the disciplines of Swimming and Diving. Below, you can find all the relevant documents and information related to the participation in this competition. The 2010 Youth Olympic Games website is also constantly updated.

•    Aquatics – Qualified Divers
•    Aquatics – Swimming Image

•    Competition Schedule – Swimming Image
•    2009 Approved Qualification Competitions – Swimming Image
•    2010 Approved Qualification Competitions – Swimming Image
•    Aquatics – Diving Image
•    Competition Schedule – Diving Image
•    First Information Package – Diving Qualification Image
•    Preliminary Entry Form – Diving Qualification Image