Mexico home to FINA/Li-Ning Diving World Series N°2 and FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix N°4

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Mexico will be home to two major FINA events this month, to be held on the same week-end: the fourth leg of the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix 2010 will take place in the Sumidero Canyon on April 17 and Veracruz will stage the second meet of the FINA/Li-Ning Diving World Series 2010 on April 16-17.

Kiril Todorov, President of the Mexican Swimming Federation, declared that Mexico is proud to attract millions of looks with these two international aquatics events. He added that the country is ready to welcome the world’s best open water swimmers and divers and help raise the skill level of swimmers and divers in Mexico.

FINA/Li-Ning Diving World Series 2010 – Veracruz (MEX)

Veracruz in the “jarocho state” is ready to welcome the world's top divers for the second meet of the FINA/Li-Ning Diving World Series. The competition is organised around four events for both men and women: 3m springboard, 10m platform, 3m springboard synchro and 10m platform synchro.

The meet will take place on April 16-17 at the Aquatic Complex Reform Laws in Boca del Rio, Veracruz, an outdoor installation that has already staged previous international diving competitions.

This date will be the second of three that make up the 2010 FINA/Li-Ning Diving World Series 2010. The first leg was held in Qingdao (CHN) on March 27-28 and the last will take place in Sheffield (GBR) on April 23-24.

The Mexican team will be led by 10m platform world champion Paola Espinosa, who ranked fifth in the 10m platform event and fourth in the 3m springboard event in Qingdao (CHN). The team will be completed by Yahel Castillo, Germain Sanchez an Ivan Garcia. Rommel Pacheco and Laura Sanchez are also expected to compete at home in the 10m platform and 3m springboard events respectively.

2010 FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix – Sumidero Canyon (MEX)

The world’s best open water swimmers will fight for victory in the waters of the Grijalva River, located in southeastern Mexico. The fourth race of the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix, which is 15km long, will be held on April 17, under the XXI Sumidero Canyon Marathon.

It is the sixth times this year that Chiapas, the southernmost state of Mexico, welcomes an international open water swimming event, which will be held in April in order to avoid the heavy rains that come in October.

President of the Mexican Swimming Federation Kiril Todorov shared his view on the event: "The Sumidero Canyon has won worldwide identity." He added that the 2010 edition will be a more professionally-managed event, with the support and collaboration of the state of Chiapas.

The Organising Committee has registered 25 athletes but more than 40 athletes are expected to swim on April 17. Bulgarian star Petar Stoychev has already confirmed his presence at the event.

An overall prize money of $15,000 will be divided among the winners. There will also be a special prize for the swimmer who improves the event’s record. The current record belongs to Petar Stoychev, who completed the race in 3h09m49s on April 18, 2009.

The race starts in the Sumidero Canyon's “Cave of Silence” at 8:00 hours and 10 minutes later for women. The finish is at the pier of the dam “Ing Manuel Moreno Torres”.

Athletes that have so far signed up for the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix are the following:

Women: George Heidi (USA), Pilar Geijo (ARG), Williams Nadine (CAN), Volpini Andrea (ITA), Kotsur Inha (Azerbajan), Vanesa Rito García (ARG), Antonella Bogarin (ARG), Esther Nuñez (ESP), Martha Recio (ESP) and Lily Anzueto (MEX).

Men: Petar Stoychev (BUL), Wells Barton (USA), Fesenko Sergiy (Azerbaijan), Bertola Guillermo (ARG), Valentin Rodolfo (ITA), Emanuel Corsiglia (ARG), Diego Nogueira (ESP), Iván Brion (ESP), Xavier Deshornols (CAN), Richard Weindberger (CAN) and Simon Tobin (CAN).

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