Brazilian teams awarded at South American Games

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Brazilian open water swimmer Ana Marcela Cunha won two medals at the South American Games taking place on March 20-25 in Medellin, Colombia. Cunha came first in the 5km and second in the 10km races.
In the 5km race, Cunha and Venezuela’s Andreina Pinto draw in the first place, clocking 1h01m56s. Nataly Caldas from Ecuador finished in third place in 1h01m59s.
In the Olympic distance, it was a tight race for Cunha, who finished second in 1h58m10s3. Only a few metres from the finish line, Pinto sped up and passed Cunha to eventually win the race in 1h58m10s1. Argentina’s Antonella Bogarin took bronze in 1h58m15s5.

In the men’s field, Ecuador’s Ivan Enderica won the two races. He completed the 5km in 57m12s, followed by Brazilian Allan do Carmo, who timed 57m14s. Damian Blaum from Argentina and Erwin Maldonado from Venezuela draw in the third place with a time of 57m16s. In the 10km race, Ivan Enderica won in 1h50m31s. Venezuelan Erwin Maldonado took silver, timing 1h50m33s, while Damian Blaum took bronze in 1h50m35s.

In diving, the Brazilian team brought back home no less than 12 medals. The tally included two gold, four silver and six bronze medals. Colombia’s team collected the greatest amount of awards from the diving competition with 14 medals (eight gold, five silver and one bronze medal).

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