Paraguay gets set for South American Championships

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The Paraguayan Olympic Committee (COP) gave a warm speech to the national swimming team, which is to compete at the South American Championships. Sports Minister Paulo Reichert, COP President´s Ramón Zubizarreta, National Senator Miguel Carrizosa and other national figures were present at the event.
The national swimming team will travel to Medellin, Colombia, on March 21, 2010.

For the first time in the history of South American Championships, Paraguay will participate in Synchronised Swimming. Virginie Isabelle Chevalet, who resides in France, will compete in Medellin, representing Paraguay.

Sajonia wins first and second lap of “Olimpia Cup”

Sajonia Club won the first two laps of the 2010 “Olimpia Cup” (in 50-metre pool), a national swimmming competition taking place in Asuncion, Paraguay. The “orange team“ clearly dominated the swimming events, winning the first lap with a total of 1074 and the second lap with 5062 points. Olimpia´s team finished in second place scoring 910 points the first time and 2762 the second.
More than 360 swimmers took part in the competition, with in the Sajonia´s team Olympic finallist Benjamin Hockin, who represented Great Britain in the 4x100m freestyle relay at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Hockin has the Paraguayan nationality but as he lived for some years in Great Britain, he got to swim for the country as well.


GENERAL POSITIONS after second lap:
Sajonia Club: 5062 points
Olimpia Club: 2762 points
Centenario Club: 112 points
Encarnación Rugby Club: 102 points
S & C Club: 80 points

Junior A Woman: María Jose Arrua, Sajonia, 559 FINA points (50m backstroke)               
Junior A Man: Alfredo Yaluk, Olimpia, 343 FINA points (400m freestyle)               
Junior B Woman: Roxana Stark Gill, Sajonia, 476 FINA points (100m butterfly)               
Junior B Man: Matias Lopez, Olimpia, 566 FINA points (200m backstroke)               
Youth A Woman: Paloma Rivera, Sajonia, 674 FINA points (100m butterfly)               
Youth A Man: Carlos Orihuela, Olimpia, 646 FINA points (100m butterfly)               
Youth B Woman: Maria Lopez, Olimpia, 656 FINA points (100m freestyle)               
Youth B Man: Bruno Benitez, Sajonia, 670 FINA points (50m freestyle)               
Adults Women: Virginia Baez, Sajonia, 670 FINA points (50m backstroke)
Adults Man: Benjamin Hockin, Sajonia, 824 FINA points (200m freestyle)

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