Pinheiros won the last event of the 2009 season and Cesar Cielo broke the World Record in the men’s

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The Esporte Clube Pinheiros won the last national competition of 2009, the Brazilian Sports Aquatic Confederation Open Championships (in 50m-pool). The club scored 975 points and dominated the swimming events. Minas TC finished the competition in second with 479 points, while Unisanta took third with 161.5 points. As a whole, one new World Record and three new national records were set and 29 clubs scored points in the event. The competition took place at the city of São Paulo, in the pool of Pinheiros club.

The competition registered one World Record by Cesar Cielo Filho, in the men’s 50m freestyle. The Olympic and World Champion swam the event in 20.91 (pending FINA approval) and broke the previous global mark of his friend, Fred Bousquet (FRA, 20.94). The public in the Pinheiros club was excited before the race and after the record was confirmed, exploded in ecstasy.

Results – Women
50m freestyle: Flávia Delaroli (Pinheiros) – 25.00
100m freestyle: Tatiana Lemos (Pinheiros) – 55.01
200m freestyle: Tatiana Lemos (Pinheiros) – 2:01.26
400m freestyle: Betina Lorscheitter (GNG) – 4:23.03
800m freestyle: Joanna Maranhão (Minas TC) – 8:32.96
50m backstroke: Fabíola Molina (São José) – 28.27
100m backstroke: Fernanda Alvarenga (Minas TC) – 1:02.53
200m backstroke: Fernanda Alvarenga (Minas TC) – 2:12.47
50m breaststroke: Alessandra Marchioro (Curitibano) – 31.08
100m breaststroke: Tatiane Sakemi (Pinheiros) – 1:09.27
200m breaststroke: Tatiane Sakemi (Pinheiros) – 2:32.87
50m butterfly: Daynara de Paula (Minas TC) – 26.71
100m butterfly: Daynara de Paula (Minas TC) – 58.96
200m butterfly: Joanna Maranhão (Minas TC) – 2:10.46
200m individual medley: Joanna Maranhão (Minas TC) – 2:13.62
400m individual medley: Joanna Maranhão (Minas TC) – 4:42.95

Cesar Cielo Filho (BRA) broke a new World Record

Results – Men
50m freestyle: César Cielo (Pinheiros) – 20.91 (WR - pending FINA approval)
100m freestyle: Nicolas Oliveira (Pinheiros) – 48.61
200m freestyle: Nicolas Oliveira (Pinheiros) – 1:48.21
400m freestyle: Felipe May Araujo (Unisanta) – 3:52.72
1500m freestyle: Luiz Arapiraca (Unisanta) – 15:19.38
50m backstroke: Guilherme Guido (Pinheiros) – 24.76
100m backstroke: Guilherme Guido (Pinheiros) – 54.09
200m backstroke: Leonardo de Deus (Minas TC) – 1:59.74
50m breaststroke: Felipe França (Pinheiros) – 27.05
100m breaststroke: Henrique Barbosa (Pinheiros) – 1:00.08
200m breaststroke: Thiago Pereira (Minas TC) – 2:10.66
50m butterfly: Nicholas dos Santos (Pinheiros) – 23.10
100m butterfly: Kaio Márcio de Almeida (Tijuca TC) – 52.10
200m butterfly: Leonardo de Deus (Minas TC) – 1:57.52
200m individual medley: Henrique Rodrigues (Minas TC) – 1:58.73
400m individual medley: Henrique Rodrigues (Minas TC) – 4:23.46

Best performances
Male: Cesar Cielo Filho in 50m freestyle: 20.91
Female: Alessandra Marchioro in 50m breaststroke: 31.08 and Fabíola Molina in 50m backstroke: 28.27.

Cielo Filho was elected Brazil’s best male athlete in 2009
Brazilian Olympic and World Champion Cesar Cielo Filho was elected best male athlete of the country in 2009 by the Brazilian Olympic Committee. The swimmer was elected for the second consecutive year. In 2009, Cielo Filho won the 50m and 100m freestyle at the FINA World Championships in Rome and broke the World Record in these two races.

Esporte Clube Pinheiros is the best swim team in 2009
Esporte Clube Pinheiros is the best Brazilian swim team during the 2009 season. The club has scored 320 points during the national competitions’ calendar. In second position came Minas Tênis Clube with 301 points and in third position Sport Club Corinthians Paulista with 280 points.

Top 5 of Brazilian best clubs 2008
1- Pinheiros – 320 points
2- Minas TC – 301 points
3- Corinthians – 280 points
4- Unisanta – 234 points
5- Curitibano – 183 points 

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