Coaches Committee

Since its creation in 2000, two Chairmen have been in charge of this Commission: Peter Daland (USA, 2000-2005) and Osvaldo Arsenio (ARG, since 2005). Alan Thompson (AUS) has been the Honorary Secretary since 2000.

# Name Position Phone Mobile Phone Number Fax
1 Osvaldo ARSENIO Chairman
2 Jacco VERHAEREN Vice-Chairman
3 Michael SCOTT Honorary Secretary
4 Isaac Kyalo MUSEMBI Member
5 Graham HILL Member
6 Michel LAROUCHE Member
7 Frank BUSCH Member
8 Shaozhen ZHONG Member
9 Mohsen REZVANI Member
10 Elisabeth PRICE Member
11 Denes KEMENY Member
12 Franco Giorgio CAGNOTTO Member
13 Fernando CARPENA Bureau Liaison