Athletes Committee 2013 - 2017

A first FINA Athletes Commission was formed for the period 1992-1996 with 10 athletes representing the five FINA disciplines, together with one advisor, namely Donna de Varona (USA), former Olympic medley champion and later a successful journalist, broadcaster and speaker. The position of FINA Bureau Liaison was first held by Ross Wales (USA). A new Commission was nominated in 1998 and Shelley Taylor-Smith (AUS), 1991 world champion in the 25km Open Water swimming race, was the first to take the Chair. Janet Evans, the triple Olympic champion of 1988, succeeded Taylor-Smith in 2000.

Gustavo Borges (BRA), former world short-course champion and Olympic medalist, and, since 2000, Alexander Popov (RUS), winner of the 50m and 100m freestyle at both the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games, have held the position of Secretary.

1 Jihong ZHOU Chairman
2 Thiago PEREIRA Vice-Chairman
3 Penny HEYNS Honorary Secretary
4 Laura Aleida SANCHEZ SOTO Member
5 Aaron PEIRSOL Member
6 Miyako TANAKA-OULEVEY Member
7 Petar STOYCHEV Member
8 Camelia POTEC Member
9 Alexander POPOV Member
10 Martina MORAVCOVA Member
11 Patrick MURPHY Member
12 Aaron FELTHAM Member
13 Britta KAMRAU FINA Events Adviser
14 Vladimir SALNIKOV Bureau Liaison