Technical Sychronised Swimming Committee 2013 - 2017

During the 1956 FINA Congress in Melbourne, a proposal from Peru that an International Committee for Synchronised Swimming be formed was accepted, though a request to apply for Olympic status was rejected. It would be more than 20 years before the Olympic torch came into view again. The Committee was charged with the task of drawing up rules for the sport in time for the next Congress.

Jan Armbrust was the first Chairman of the committee. He was followed by Judith McGowan (USA, 1984-1992), the first woman to head any FINA Technical Committee, Stefanie Haeberli (SUI, 1992-2005) and since 2005 by Ulla Lucenius (FIN). The Honorary Secretaries: Norma Olsen (USA, 1957-1960), J. Cushman (USA, 1961-1968), Donalda Smith (CAN, 1969-1980), Stefanie Haeberli (SUI, 1980-1992), Sandra A. Roberts (CAN, 1992-2000) and, since 2000, Virginia Jasontek (USA).

1 Stefania TUDINI Chairman
2 Igor KARTASHOV Vice-Chairman
3 Virginia JASONTEK Honorary Secretary
4 Danae CHRISTOU Member
5 Jenny NAIDOO Member
6 Sonia HERCOWITZ Member
7 Lisa SCHOTT Member
8 Li YU Member
9 Miwako HOMMA Member
10 Feilina FEISOL Member
11 Maria José BILBAO Member
12 Maria THIVAIOU Member
13 Svitlana SAIDOVA Member
14 Anna NEPOTACHEVA Member
15 Sue EDWARDS Member
16 Maria SOLEDAD TOBAR Events Sub-Committee
17 Livia GUT LA RAGIONE Events Sub-Committee
18 Qiuping ZHANG Bureau Liaison